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Thanksgiving on the Riverwalk

Whether you want to find a safe spot to eat or walk off that turkey, the San Antonio Riverwalk has you covered. Enjoy a stroll under the historic Christmas lights on the Riverwalk; the city decided to put them up a little earlier this year to spread some holiday cheer! There are several restaurants, shops, and activities that are open on Thanksgiving day. Most restaurants are practicing social distancing so reservations might be required. Here are just a few spots that are open. While walking th

Celebrating the Holidays in 2020

Here are some gift options to make life a little easier for seniors: This is a tablet that includes a monthly subscription plan for you to share pictures, video call, and message your loved ones. This product is designed specifically for seniors and ready to use right out of the box. It also has capability to play games and music. Family members simply need to download the designated app to easily connect with the Grandpad. These might be a little advanced for some seniors. But they include op

Overcoming Adversity

We will all go through hard times in our lives. Some of us will suffer more than others, but it is through these adverse situations that our characters are built, and we realize what we are made of. Everyone has a story, and the stories of the three dynamic ladies you are about to meet are both heart-wrenching and uplifting. From their grief, their hardships, and their challenges, you’ll see grit, perseverance, and determination that will inspire you. Through their courage, the world has become

Kathy Mays Johnson

With a focus on making the best of whatever life throws your way, Kathy Mays Johnson gives back to San Antonio with heart and passion. A woman of clear passions, Kathy Mays Johnson lives life to the fullest, laughing, loving and giving of herself to her family, friends and community. The President of the Mays Family Foundation, Johnson embraces life to the fullest, guiding the foundation to make community impact and carry on the family legacy. Johnson’s heart for community service began as a c